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Nice Celebrity List photos

Nice Celebrity List photos

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Hollywood Star Mack Sennett celebrity list
Image by DominusVobiscum Hollywood Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame - The original movie "King of Comedy" and founder of Keystone Studios in Hollywood - invented slapstick comedy in his movies: stable of actors list is royalty of early comedy. Charlie Chaplin & Mabel Normand started at Keystone, also Gloria Swanson, and let us not forget the silent movie hysterics of The Keystone Kops, or W. C. Fields and that singer - whatz his name?...Bing something or other...

Who do they think I look like?!?! With Flickr notes! celebrity list
Image by Earl - What I Saw 2.0 1. Moses. 2. A beautiful woman. 3. A great musician. 4. An engine inventor. 5. One I'm sure they threw in to make me feel better about the first four!

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